If you don't have the time or the necessary staff to learn and operate a modern and full featured broadcast graphics application and you are reluctant to invest in a new system, let us provide everything you need. You only need to have the necessary hardware and someone to operate it, we can provide everything else. Graphics design, project building and custom application development (sports, elections, weather, quiz shows or anything else). We only charge you according to the amount of work the job requires and obviously we, as the developers of the system, are the most efficient working with it. It really is like employing the best person for the job without having to pay his wages or anything else needlessly.


The best part of this offer is that you also get a runtime version of Nemo3D for free when you order our service for the first time.


If you have any questions, you can send us an e-mail at or fill in our contact form here!


We offer our services for developing software or providing equipment for a number of broadcasting tasks. Regarding our equipment, we guarantee it always meets any broadcast standard required, SD, HD or beyond.


About the quality of the graphics we can provide we would like to refer you to our flagship product, Nemo3D.


2. Sport graphics

Flatwater Caneoeing World Championships 1998

Systems developed by us consist of the least possible amount of equipment and they occupy the least amount of space. This can be quite an advantage in the cramped space of an OB van. For most types of sports a one computer – one operator setup is totally sufficient to provide graphics of excellent quality. If mobility is important, even a laptop can be used.

We can provide a full service with graphics design, equipment and operating staff. We offer to develop tailor made software with the functionality you want and with the graphics you desire. Until now we worked on 26 different kinds of sports events but we would not be afraid to try something new as well.


Our system is capable of providing data services for a sport event or connect to a data service provider. We can also connect to all kinds of possible timing devices as well.

Modern Pentathlon World Championships 2008

Football - Demo

If you would like to own a system of your own that is also capable of the things we just described, we can develop the software and build the hardware to your specification for a one-time fee. Then we can further help you with designing the graphics you want and train your staff to work with the system.

3. Quiz Shows

Luxor - MTV, 2008

For some time now it has been almost unimaginable to produce a quiz show without the help of a computer and special, tailor-made software to display questions, control lighting equipment, electronic displays built into the set, electronic switches,  and other effects.

None of these are unknown to us. Like sports graphics, we can provide a full service with design, application development, hardware and operating staff. Or – if this is what you would prefer – we can build a complete system for you to own or just develop software for hardware you already have.


5. Interactive games and Call TV


These shows are quite popular particularly on satellite channels. Nemo3D, our 3D broadcast graphics application is specifically designed for tasks such as this. We can mix 3D computer graphics with live elements like the presenter, connect to a database to read data and add special graphical effects to make the show more spectacular. Once again, our service can be obtained to build a system for you to own or provide you with just the complete service to hire.


6. Graphics for all kinds of TV shows:


Whenever you need something more than ordinary graphics. For example:


SMS-messages as a ticker (crawl) at the bottom of the screen.

Telethons: Building a database and displaying the data on a ticker or in any other way.

Election graphics: displaying tables, photos and charts with 3D graphics. Building and operating or connecting to official databases to feed the graphics with data.


7. Anything else we haven't thought of yet and with broadcast graphics in it.


If you have any questions, you can send us an e-mail at