We specialize in broadcast graphics and we also make all of our work tools that we developed for our own use available to anyone. All our products support SDI or IP (NDI® *) based output (or both).



A powerful, flexible and very easy to use broadcast graphics application. It is template driven, provides 3D graphics on one or two output channels and in real time. It is a proven solution that has been in use since 2009 for many broadcasts and in many countries. It is a CG that is being developed by people who provide CG for the broadcast industry every day, so you know it has to be capable. It is also very developer friendly. It comes with a free API that requires hardly any knowledge or experience in software development.



















A rundown or playlist type playout controller to use with Nemo3D. It can control the playout of up to eight channels (plus a preview). It is a free to use application.

















A dotnet component that makes developing applications that can produce broadcast graphics for sports, elections, etc. extremely simple. It can be used from any IDE that can interface with a dotnet dll. Free with every Nemo3D license.















This is a special, all in one solution for sports graphics. The same rendering engine that Nemo3D uses is built into it so it can run all the projects designed in Nemo3D. It provides all the tools needed to support almost any type of sport at a very high level. Sample graphics and database templates are included for football (soccer), basketball, handball, water polo, volleyball and ice hockey at the moment, but you can also build your own user interface, own player database with it, connect to scoreboards, timing equipment and other external devices.. It can read player and team data from various database formats, interface with scoreboards and timing devices.


















If you want to develop your own broadcast graphics application, this might be the only component that you need. Contains the rendering engine that was used to create e.g. NSport, it has all the graphics rendering features built into Nemo3D. You only need to add a UI to create a full solution.



A slightly limited but very low cost version of Nemo3D, with its own Play application and sample projects. Contact us for a download link.


*NDI is  a registered trademark of Newtek