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NSport is a broadcast graphics application that tackles the most difficult task such an application can face: sports.


It is the most difficult because the various types of sports can be radically different. Circumstances are different. Sport venues are different and the requests of broadcasters are also different. Graphics designs can also be totally different. It is for a very good reason there has never been an out of the box or off the shelf solution for sports graphics. It is very difficult to decide which is better: do less but well or do more but less well or badly.


We feel that NSport is different. As a single application it supports many different kinds of sports

and it supports them either fully or at least very well. You can certainly provide graphics worthy

of the broadcast of an international event.


It is based on real time 3D graphics so you can be sure that graphics is available instantly and will look good. It is design agnostic. You can build any graphics design and configure it so that Nsport will work with it perfectly. You don't have to be a developer to do that.


It will help you with automating as many tasks as possible. You can connect to player and team databases and scoreboards and timing devices and get data from these automatically and instantly. You can also configure data coming from them to match your current graphics design. Again: you don't have to be a developer to do that.


Alternatively, if circumstances do not provide you with automatic sources of information, you can do all these manually by preparing graphics before the broadcast and clicking on simple buttons during the broadcast.


Configurations bundled with the package are: football, basketball, ice hockey, handball and water polo. These are supported right out of the box and work with at least two of the seven sample design packages. You can add to this list of sports yourself (again, without any coding) or get one of our existing and low cost optional packages. At the time of writing, these are: volleyball, beach volleyball, netball, rugby (15's, 7's and league), table tennis and tennis. The list will definitely grow.


You also get several different graphics designs if you buy NSport. All of them are designed by professionals and include graphics templates for a lot of different types of sports supported by the application.


If you want to add another design, you can either have us build a fully configured graphics project from your design or create a design for you from scratch. Alternatively, there is an optional and very affordable broadcast graphics template designer called NemoCG available for NSport users who want to build their own designs.