We are happy to announce the release of Nemo3D 4.2. New features include:

- four independent mask layers to render any objects into and use them to reveal or hide those that these layers are attached to.

- origin points can be selected for objects that are parented, allowing intelligent positioning of objects

- arbitrarily sized render to texture buffers to create dynamic textures

- higher precision multi-channel signed distance fields to improve text quality and text effects.

- faster generation of text.

- updated libraries and SDKs for NDI and SDI output options.

- new licensing scheme.




A totally redesigned NSport (3.0) provides all the flexibility of the previous NSport application, but with the features and power of the NSportApps package. It is a single solution capable of giving you all the tools you need for providing graphics for almost any type of sport and at a level the broadcast of an international event would require. With this release, the previous version of NSport and the NSportApps packages are no longer available and are no longer needed, because this one is the real Swiss Army Knife of sports graphics.




A minor but significant new version of Nemo3D and NEngine (4.1.1) was released today. New features are:

- much improved msdf text generation

- primitive shapes converted from svg paths into msdf files to provide the scalability of a vector format with soft effects and fast rendering.

- better image quality on vga preview.

- new velocity parameters to help creating constantly moving hierarchies of objects as a ticker, without the limitations of an ordinary ticker itself.



A major new version of Nemo3D and NEngine (4.1) gets released today. New features include:

- animation scripting

- improved ticker efficiency

- improved msdf text generation

- better quality hardware compressed textures

- image sequence performance improvements by using texture arrays in device memory.

- user defined output on 2nd display for HDMI monitors or video walls.

- improved quality VGA preview
- NemoPlay+ with independent preview, free for Nemo3D users.



The totally free community edition of Nemo3D called NemoCG gets its first release today. It has 80% of the features of the full version and it also has NDI® i/o enabled. Contact us for a download link and an activation key!



In this November ten years ago, we released our main product, Nemo3D. Since it was a major event in our lives, we thought we would remember it by slashing all prices of all of our products by 50% until the end of the year. If you have been interested in anything we offer and just worried about the price, this is the best time to ask for a demo or a trial version or just straight buy. We left our price list intact trusting that you can easily deal with the task of dividing all prices there by two.



A major new version of Nemo3D (4.0) and NEngine (4.0) is being released today. A total overhaul of the rendering engine speeds up buffering, GPU upload and download, shader switching, and, in general, the whole rendering process, particularly useful for users aiming for higher than HD resolution (i.e. 4K). New type of text based on multichannel signed distance fields has also been added, offering excellent scalability, text effects like outline, glow, soft shadow, etc. and also a much higher speed of updates compared to polygon-based rendering of font glyphs.



NemoPlay+ is a new and extended option for our rundown/playlist type of graphics playout application. It adds a preview output option to make it completely independent from the PC used for running Nemo3D and you can also add an additional transformation layer on top of each template to create last minute customizations.



New tools in V3.9.1.0. aid developers better then ever. Nemo3D opens up to provide means for developers working with any OS and any development IDE to create and control broadcast graphics output. New network protocol provides access not just on a local network but over the internet from any location. New version of Playout has also been created for this new version, and to prove multiplatform capability, a new Java based Playout is also released that can be run on any platform.



We added a stripped down version of Nemo3D (3.9) to our product list today called Nemo2D+. It basically offers 80% of the features of the full version for one third of the price so it is a great bargain. Contact us for more details and a demo!



Nemo3D (3.9) has been released today. New features include auto resized rectangles using texture dimensions, render to dynamic textures, tickers synced to one another, setting individual clone parameters with a single tag, multiple textures with different parameters using the same texture source. NEngine has also been updated to reflect the latest changes in the graphics engine.



A new major version of NSport (2.0) has been released today. It has been updated with the new rendering engine from Nemo3D 3.8, there are new graphics samples added to the project and template configuration is now a lot simpler. You do not need to change it when switching to another sport. Support for table tennis (ping pong) has also been added. And the price has been reduced, prices start at $849 for the NDI only version.



We succeeded in keeping our original promise of delivering at least one major new version a year. Nemo3D 3.8 is being released today offering a new and separate runtime output option called NOut that can be configured to work either as an independent preview or as an additional program channel and helps making the cost of a multiple system setup a lot lower than before. Other new, notable features are: selective animation of independent clones, pre-stored fonts to speed up text rendering, 4K video i/o up to 60 fps, SVG based line graph drawing and others. NemoPlay and NEngine variants for developers are also being updated to reflect the changes in the rendering engine.



Nemo3D 3.7 has been released today. It offers numerous bug fixes, an improved undo and a new Mask object that can influence in screen space any type of Object attached to it. You can either apply a texture (any type) or choose from a number of real time shaders that create soft wipe patterns. Mask based transitions are keyframeable, reversible and include a new library of exciting alpha mask animations.


We are happy to announce the release of a new major version (3.6) of Nemo3D.  Highlights of this version are:

- direct support for most container formats (avi, mov, ts, mp4, etc.) and video codecs

- new render to disk feature that can save your graphics as a directly editable video file with alpha support

- support for video resolutions beyond HD, up to 4K at 30fps.

- support to connect to virtually any kind of scoreboard or timing device using a local or remote connection.

- support for Sportscast and its LiveXML application.

- retrieving weather data automatically for your weather graphics

- introducing tabs into playlists. Now you can group items of your playlist any way you like.

Get in contact with us if you want to test Nemo3D and remember, there is no risk if you get a license. If you want, we do your first project for free so you can use your new system instantly.



current releases:

Nemo3D/2D+      V4.2 (0.2.)

NemoPlay/+/J     V4.1 (0.0.)

NEngine              V4.2 (0.2.)

NSport                V3.0 (1.0.)