NEngine is a dotnet wrap around the powerful and efficient rendering engine used by all of our products. Although every Nemo3D license includes the API, NEngine is the more powerful option for developers who want to add broadcast graphics output capabilities to their own application. NEngine provides very easy to use tools to load a Nemo3D page collection, add content and data and trigger output in various different ways. If a developer needs to install the application created with the help of NEngine, low cost runtime licenses are instantly available. Compared to the API that requires an existing Nemo3D license for output, this is a much more cost effective solution.


If you are a developer who wants to create an application for any kind of broadcast graphics task (sports, elections, weather, quiz shows, etc.), even your own CG solution, contact us and we can provide more details and a trial version. We use NEngine for our own solutions as well, e.g. NSportApps and NSport were all created with it at their cores.