Feature Highlights

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- 100% shader based rendering, without any of the limitations inherent in the original OpenGl API.


- Based on an advanced high speed renderer called NemoEngine that is capable of producing hundreds of thousands or even millions of polygons lit by multiple lights even with very ordinary and low cost hardware (e.g. Nvidia Geforce GTX1050). In real time, of course.


- Supports a wide choice of video input/output hardware, all producing clean broadcast quality signals. All the best price/value ratio video boards are supported to keep the total cost of the system at a minimum. It also supports Newtek's NDI®, the fastest growing IP-based protocol so you can produce high quality broadcast output without any additional hardware.


- Support for all video resolutions up to 60fps 4K (UHD). Naturally, all SD  and HD modes are also supported.


- It runs fine on quite ordinary desktop or laptop based Windows PCs so you can make your system very portable.


- Imports 3D models from practically any 3D modelling or animation packages but also has an internal modeller that makes the need of using other packages very rare. Can also import vector graphics from all well known drawing tools in SVG format.


- True Unicode support. Can use any Truetype font installed on the PC. Choice for traditional drop shadows or real 3D extruded fonts with outline, bevel, etc. Automatic and intelligent adjustment of font parameters to squeeze text in the space available.


- High level of photorealism with a choice of per vertex and per pixel (fragment) lighting, real time reflections and adjustable soft shadows.


- Broadcast quality chroma keying on video inputs to produce multicamera trackerless virtual sets at no additional cost.


- Connects to practically any kind of database formats, including Excel tables and even ordinary delimited text. Intelligent setup of SQL queries to select the records and fields you need from the playback application

without the need to change the graphics template.


- Real time display of RSS data feeds.


- Connect to other PCs, scoreboards or timing devices using network or serial port connections.


- Intelligent support of GPI, capable of triggering the playback of graphics even through the tally light system.


- Automatic creation of streamlined user interfaces to make the playback of graphics templates as fast as possible. Playback can be controlled with either the mouse or the keyboard.


- Free playback application. You can install it on any computer that has a network connection to the graphics server running the rendering engine or even on the server itself. One playback application can control up to eight graphics outputs with templates played back on any or broadcast to all of them. You can set up an additonal engine as the preview channel.


Since Nemo3D was first designed as a developer's tool, there is an API available for those wanting to make fully customized solutions. It is free with every license.


Still not convinced? You are unsure if your existing graphics design or the one that you need for your next project can be created in Nemo3D? If you buy a Nemo3D license, we build the first project from the design elements you already have free of charge. In the never happened before event that we can't do it, we give you your money back. We think that this offer should prove that there are no risks involved.

You can also be sure that by buying a license, you can always come to us for help. If you require training, graphics design, API-based custom development, all of these services are available for customers at very reasonable prices. We do recognize that using a powerful and complex system takes time and experience and we will do our best to let you use your new system instantly.