Broadcast Graphics
 for all intents and purposes

We develop broadcast CG applications based on real time 3D graphics. Our products are designed to produce high quality broadcast graphics in a live broadcast environment and for post production. They can be easily adapted for practically any kind of special broadcast graphics task (news, quiz shows, call tv games, sports, weather forecasts, election graphics, etc.).

We work primarily as a broadcast graphics service provider and we develop our own tools. You can obtain a license for any of these tools if you need a powerful, affordable, flexible and  highly customizable solution. If you don't have the time and the manpower to learn and operate a complex system, you can also get the same tools from us provided as  a service. We can do everything for you from graphics design and template building to custom development. Any service ordered from us also gets you the runtime version of our broadcast graphics application for free. Can broadcast graphics be a less risk free investment than this? We don't think so.


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